Better building efficiency starts with an EcoXpert

Your EcoXpert rises to the energy challenge

With the cost of energy rapidly rising, there has never been a better time to consider the energy efficiency of your building or complex. We understand that reducing OpEx and energy costs is a constant challenge, especially when the demand for power, comfort and safety is ever-increasing.

That’s where the knowledge and expertise of an EcoXpert can assist with your energy challenge. EcoXperts’ holistic and consultative approach delivers a superior energy-efficient solution tailored to the specific requirements of your building.

From assessment to implementation, your EcoXpert will see you through

1. Energy assessment and diagnosis

To ensure the energy-efficient solution meets your specific needs, an EcoXpert conducts a walk-through energy assessment of your building. Through measuring energy consumption and assessing building design, your EcoXpert will identify energy waste and inefficiencies.

2. Monitoring and improvement

Using information obtained from the energy audit, your EcoXpert designs, installs and commissions an energy monitoring and reporting system. This system assists to raise awareness of energy usage, through tracking consumption and highlighting areas for improvement.

3. Automated, energy-efficient systems and pre-engineered

Once areas for improvement are identified, your EcoXpert provides a customised energy-efficient solution, comprising automated systems and pre-engineered solutions that optimise energy consumption.

4. Programme maximisation and continuous improvement services

To ensure your energy-efficient solution is maximised to deliver optimum results, your EcoXpert will provide an ongoing service to assist with analysing usage, identifying trends and actioning opportunities.

Solutions designed to save you energy and improve building efficiency

Start with building automation

Your EcoXpert can install automated solutions that are alligned to room use and other areas throughout the building.

From basic occupancy control through to sophisticated building control, your EcoXpert ensures the solution meets your needs.


Innovative solar solutions

Your EcoXpert can implement innovative solar solutions that meet your energy needs, while reducing you power bills and environmental footprint.


Lighting upgrade solutions

Your EcoXpert can improve lighting efficiency through replacing old inefficient lamps and reflectors with the latest energy-efficient lighting technology.


Improve HVAC efficiency

Your EcoXpert can design and install integrated solutions that will improve HVAC efficiency, allowing you to control your HVAC requirements from a simple control system, to a centralised building management system.


Electric vehicle solutions

Your EcoXpert can prepare for future energy needs through installing fast, user-friendly charging stations in your car park.


Energy monitoring and optimisation solutions

Your EcoXpert can design and install energy monitoring solutions that will optimise consumption across multiple sources and allow you to have a better understanding of energy usage.


Energy-efficient solutions customised to your building requirements

No matter what your specific building requirements are your EcoXpert can customise the right energy-efficient solution to meet your needs.

Small buildings, offices or medical centres

Small building, office or medical centre solutions designed to reduce energy bills and increase productivity, through transforming the building into an occupant-friendly environment.


Schools and educational facilities

School and educational facility solutions designed to make facilities more comfortable and attractive to students, with a commitment to energy-efficiency and sustainability.


Small retail

Small retail solutions designed to boost commercial success though more comfortable shopping experiences, while also reducing energy expenses.


Hotels and restaurants

Hotel and restaurant solutions designed to increase guest satisfaction and comfort, while reducing the impact of energy costs in a highly competitive market.


Small and medium factories

Small and medium factories designed to optimise energy consumption and reduce energy expenses.