About Us

PJ Corporate Electrical Pty Ltd commenced operations in October 2003 and are based in the Adelaide CBD. Over the years the company has adapted to advancements in the electrical industry and taken steps to adapt to market changes whilst developing the skill base of our employees. Our continual encouragement of company training for our electricians ensures they have current and up to date skills and knowledge and are conversant with new technologies that are easy to use, cost effective and are environmentally responsible.

At PJ Corporate Electrical Pty Ltd the core ethos of the business is Honesty and Integrity, our philosophy is 'do the right thing as it is the right thing to do'.

Central Office Location

1/28 Hindley Street
Millers Arcade, Adelaide.

08 8211 7377


Our electrical maintenance operation comprises of multi skilled service technicians who are coordinated by the customer service team in the office to ensure efficiency of service to our customers.

Reliable communication is essential for us as a service organisation, we utilise smart phone technology to coordinate our technicians who use a mobile software program to complete all job reports. This means that we have the ability to provide our customers with instant progress reports on work orders they have placed with us.

All of this coupled with our 24/7 service assures you are in good hands.

As part of our business offering we can provide the following services-

  • Customised Maintenance Programs
  • Main and sub distribution boards
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) maintenance, service and commissioning
  • Automatic/sensor lighting control
  • Lighting upgrades to energy efficient LED products
  • Computer room facilities
  • Motors, Generator service and Maintenance
  • Access Control Systems
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Power Monitoring and Auditing
  • Efficient Lighting Systems
  • Data and Communications
  • Building Management Systems including Remote Monitoring

Mission Statement

The success of PJ Corporate Electrical is founded in the delivery of professional electrical solutions which surpass the expectations of our clients.

With mutual respect in our everyday interactions with clients and our staff, we encourage growth together on the basis of trust, honesty and integrity.